A Touch of Thai in Fayette County


Photo by: J. Hardy

4Fayette had the privilege to be invited to a private tasting and a peek inside of the new authentic Country Thai Restaurant in Lansing, West Virginia at 464 Ames Heights Road just outside of Fayetteville and right up the road from Adventures on The Gorge. We were more than glad to accept invite, meet the owners Bill and Ging, and indulge into Thai cuisine.

For the past year or so we have drove up and down Ames Heights Rd. and always seen a lady in an empty lot with a table full of produce and oriental food. We stopped a few times to pick up some vegetables because they were always very fresh, but we never knew that this was the beginning to what was obviously a solid dream for someone. And by this admirable process to claim that spot hers and start with just a table and now which has become a spectacular location inside and out. There is still some construction left to be done, but it’s coming along great!


Photo by: J. Hardy

The exterior has a great covered wrapped around porch which I hope will host small tables or chairs for outside seating. And the moment you walk inside you’re invited with bright brilliant orange and green walls, a nice wooden walk up (shown above), excellent dropped chandeliers, wonderful Oriental artwork, stellar along-the-wall bar seating, and a great feel of openness and happy vibes. This place will definitely bring you delight every time due to a well thought out atmosphere.


Photo by: J. Hardy


Photo by: J. Hardy

Now that we’ve covered the appearance we can discuss the aromas! You can always tell the moment you enter a restaurant when the smell provokes the drool effect. Your senses will be enlightened by freshness and tickled by spices! We had to do our part and introduce ourselves to the others that attended, but trust me when we say our mind was on a plate and a fork. However, Bill was walking around handing out chopsticks after everyone was already fork deep. It’s the thought to stay authentic that counts.


Country Thai Restaurant is setup cafeteria style where you walk up to the food line, point to what you want (You’ll want everything), get your beverage and to your table. This method seemed to work effectively with the folks that were there Monday evening. Anticipation however does generate while you’re standing in line and others are walking by you on route to destination bliss.

I’m not certain if they will continue to go the easy convenient route with hassle-free paper plates or transition over to dinnerware once they open to the public. Regardless you’re not eating the plate so whichever they choose to use is fine with us.


Photo by: J. Hardy

Once you take your first bite into whichever thing you go for first on your plate you will know that you are somewhere special. The food meets all standards of being fresh and whole ingredients. From the egg rolls, to the noodles, the chicken and rice, steamed veggies, all the way to the dumplings. Note that the dumplings are by far the best I have ever tasted and several others agree with that statement. We even suggested a dumpling eating contest. Now if they go for it… eh.


Photo by: J. Hardy

After treating my taste buds to this they instantly became my taste Bros. And unlike most Asian/Oriental places we’ve ate I didn’t feel sluggish or hungry again an hour later. I definitely had a pleasant feeling of satisfaction.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist from out-of-state, we highly recommend that you make plans to make yourself a much happier person by eating at the Country Thai Restaurant! And you never know, we may just be able to get them on board for future Free Food Fridays. We will work on keeping everyone posted.

They are currently finishing the final construction and staffing the location. If you would have any questions pertaining to their grand opening, career opportunities, or planning a visit then feel free to contact them on their Facebook Country Thai Restaurant WV or give them a call at (304) 640-3800

John Hardy

John is a culturally rounded individual with talents in culinary arts, music composition, poetry and photography. He grew up in Beckley, West Virginia and Oak Hill, West Virginia. After his travels and relocating to many cities he came back to Fayette County, West Virginia and currently resides there. John is also strong with social media marketing, public relations and market development. Feel free to contact at jhardy@4Fayette.com

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